This is the place for grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and any other skill related to the English language….

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Language Arts Sites

These sites are provided for your information and are not endorsed or promoted by Classroom Corner, it’s administrators, or other individuals or entities. has a fully searchable database of synonyms, antonyms, definitions, audio clip of the word, and a fabulous visual thesaurus so you can see the word in graphic form.

Make gorgeous word art with Wordle word clouds (perfect for vocabulary and spelling lists!).

EduPlace will let kids take quizzes and explore language games based on their grade level.

Graphic organizers galore at Teacher Vision.

More fun graphic organizers at Education Place, from Houghton-Mifflin.

Language Arts Printables

These FREE downloads are available to assist parents and teachers with students.  You may photocopy these for your own personal use, but may not redistribute or repost them in their entirety.  You MAY link to this page for others to enjoy!

 Literary TermsA quick list of commonly used literature terms and definitions

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