Northernmost natural population

While planning an in-depth study of Botany for the coming year, I was looking around for some supplementary activities.  Being the cheapskate thrifty homeschooling mom that I am, I looked local first.

The state conservation departments are great champions of outdoor education opportunities, and the Missouri Department of Conservation is no exception.  Their Conservation Frontiers program is a welcome (and FREE!) addition to any size classroom.

Activities can be tailored to your area, and some can be repeated for credit – points that can be turned in to the Dept. of Conservation for prizes!

The packet has a manual full of project and field trip ideas that jump start kids to making their own binders that they can add to throughout the year or two that you want to run the program.

There’s just one problem… I like pre-made activity sheets that I can give to my kids so they can be more self-directed, stay organized, and make my grading and record-keeping easier.

So, to help us both out, I’ve created a few pages based on some of our favorite activities from the Frontiers guidebook.

Click HERE to go to the downloads,

and get started with your own Frontiers book!



About kbnelson

Karen Nelson is an author and teacher, with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction. She is the author of 100 Things To Do In Branson Before You Die (Reedy Press, 2018), After Ever After (Goldminds Publishing, 2017), and a half dozen other books for the nonfiction market. Her award-winning articles and short fiction have appeared in national magazines, and she maintains her passion for education from her southwest Missouri farm.

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  1. […] I just got a notification that my lesson aids for the Missouri Frontiers program through the Missouri Department of Conservation was featured in today’s issue of Ecology and Conservation Daily News!  You can find them for FREE download at my sister site, Classroom Corner! […]

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