I’m always fishing around for the perfect word.  That’s why I need a thesaurus on a daily basis!  Although I think I have a pretty extensive vocabulary, there seems to be another word just on the edges of my brain that I grasp for as I’m writing.  I’ve never had much luck with a traditional book thesaurus, but the online versions are outstanding!  Here’s my current favorite resource…

I love the quick definitions and concise list of synonyms that pop up with a quick search of a word.  There’s also a speaker graphic to click on and hear the word pronounced.  The example sentences can be helpful for context clues and comprehension, but my favorite feature is the Visual Thesaurus.  Here’s where you get a mind map of how your chosen word relates to all its fellow words.

Next time you’re groping for the ideal word, or just want to have a little language scavenger hunt, check out Thesaurus.com!


About kbnelson

Karen Nelson is an author and teacher, with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction. She is the author of 100 Things To Do In Branson Before You Die (Reedy Press, 2018), After Ever After (Goldminds Publishing, 2017), and a half dozen other books for the nonfiction market. Her award-winning articles and short fiction have appeared in national magazines, and she maintains her passion for education from her southwest Missouri farm.

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